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Corporate Governance

Puget Energy is a privately-held company with ongoing financial disclosure and regulatory oversight of it and utility subsidiary, Puget Sound Energy.

Under the ownership of Puget Holdings LLC, a group of long-term infrastructure investors, we are able to guide corporate governance with an independent and local chairperson, Scott Armstrong, a regional health care executive; detailed principles; and specified committee charters. Other governance strengths include:

PSE has a rich tradition in Washington state, with corporate roots going back more than 140 years. The service provided by PSE has literally fueled the region’s economic and population growth. Our history and commitment to the communities we serve is a great source of pride for PSE employees.

Our compliance program and ethics code seek to bolster our continued success as a valued company. This program is more than simply fulfilling a legal requirement. It is an important tool for preserving our corporate culture and core values.

While our code covers a number of topics, it really can be summarized in one simple sentence: Do what is right. PSE employees help ensure that we uphold the code, company policies and the law by working in an honest and ethical manner.

We look forward to continue serving our customers with hard work, dedication, and integrity at the forefront of all our efforts.